• Outsourcing Software Sales: How To Find The Right Partner Fit

    Solutions selling for software is a long and complex process carried out with potential clients, so trusting it to an outsourced partner may seem like an impossibility. Many industries industries are taking advantage of outsourcing parts of their sales function, and while it may seem impossible for your software company, it is likely worth exploring.

    The truth is, with some software, you wouldn’t want to invite a third party to sell for you. Complex derivative modeling with regard to foreign correspondence and hedging positions, anyone? This could be too deep of a subject matter to simply outsource entirely. An outsourced sales partner would likely be unable to effectively keep reps educated on the complexities of that product suite.

    However, most software is more easily translated into solutions(i.e., lawyers and Wall Street aficionados aren’t needed), so outsourcing is a viable option to help drive your speed to market and revenue.

    When in need of more sales resources, figuring out if an outsourced partner could even help you be successful is a critical step in the process.

    Finding A Software Sales Partner: The Discovery Process

    Steer clear from any outsourced sales service that wants to write up a proposal right away. You should have at a minimum two to three calls for a meeting of the minds, where you and the outsourcer have a collaborative conversation to define the objectives, from services to ROI goals.

    The outsourced sales partner should not be going in for the hard sell, but instead offering solutions to your defined pain points. While you are assessing them, your potential partner should be assessing your company.

    You should understand how the sales partner is both different and better than its competitors when it comes to successfully solving your issues. Be sure to discuss your pains, needs and budget, and also conduct a tech evaluation and discuss platform integration.

    In the end, if you determine it’s a good partner fit, the next step is to draw up a proposal.

    Solutions Selling: Finding The Right Outsourced Sales Partner

    Outsourcing software sales can come in many different forms. It’s all about determining what you need and if the outsourced partner provides those services. Maybe you need to ramp up prospecting and lead generation efforts. Or, you might need to improve customer retention rates with a more engaged renewals program.

    Whatever your needs, your outsourced partner should be able to show you not only how they are experts in that area of the sales process, but also how they seamlessly integrate with your in-house team.

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