• Outsourcing Sales and Marketing to Compete in 2018

    Conventional wisdom suggests that 2018 will bring substantial shifts in how companies plan and execute their overall marketing strategies. Look for real change in how organizations develop their sales and marketing plans, making the best use of both internal and external resources, i.e. outsourcing sales and marketing, to create more visibility and drive revenue and growth. 

    Over the last several years, tech, healthcare, and other SMBs have accepted that they need to change their traditional sales and marketing practices to compete. One way gaining wider acceptance is through outsourcing tasks that are not part of a company’s core business. 

    Outsourcing Trends for the Future

    From startups to established businesses, outsourcing is now being embraced by companies of all sizes as a tool that helps them gain a competitive advantage. As businesses continue to move to multiple platforms like cloud, social, and mobile, outsourcing lets them adapt to rapidly changing business environments. 

    While many companies with internal sales and marketing teams have tended to think there’s no need for outsourcing sales and marketing, they’re now realizing that generating leads, appointment setting, and other functions typically performed in-house are taking up more time and manpower, as well as a bigger portion of their budget. Outsourcing these tasks can help your business build a modern sales and marketing operation without the expense of additional hires or training. 

    From solution expertise to team members who know how to close the deal, most companies have the basics in place. What’s missing is the ability or resources to keep pace with successful, modern sales and marketing techniques. Hiring new talent to handle these tasks is often problematic for two main reasons: 

    • Finding people who are experts in these new disciplines is extremely difficult. 
    • Technology is changing the process so rapidly that an “expert” you hired three to six months ago now requires new training. 

    Working with an outside partner lets your company grab more market shares, expand your sales reach, and realize your revenue goals much more quickly than if you performed certain non-core functions in-house. Here’s how: 

    The Science of Sales

    Sales and marketing teams that are forward-focused must be comfortable with ever more complex algorithms. They must also be able to work with data scientists and tech experts to design industry-specific solutions. Using Invenio’s team of sales scientists for tasks like lead generation and appointment setting lets your internal staff concentrate on other core activities that generate revenue and lead to cost reduction. Other benefits include: 

    • Access to an experienced team that is up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques 
    • Ability to quickly ramp up or down during high and low volume periods 
    • Substantial savings by avoiding the cost of new hires 

    It’s no secret that lead generation is challenging. Contacting targets, determining their level of interest in your products or services, and nurturing them to and through conversion requires lots of time and substantial investment in talent. Historically, B2B companies have kept lead generation and appointment setting as in-house sales and marketing functions. 

    Outsourcing sales and marketing is an ideal solution for businesses looking to scale. You focus on customer solution delivery while our team uses a scientific approach to provide sales and marketing strategies, like generating high-quality leads, setting qualified appointments, and consistently closing deals. 

    The benefits outsourcing sales and marketing brings is an easy choice for companies looking to build their sales pipeline while containing costs and increasing revenue.

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