Outsourcing Inside Sales Facilitates Customer-Centric Selling

Gain Valuable Insight By Working With An Outsourced Sales Partner

3 Ways To Achieve Customer-Centric Selling

Many companies keep their sales and lead nurturing functions in-house despite the expense and aggravation of doing so. Managers are afraid that if they’re not in the same room as the reps on the phones, they won’t have access to the voice of the customer.

In reality, though, that’s not true. In fact, an outsourced sales partner with sales lead generation as its primary business provides not only manpower, but also highly trained manpower. In addition, it provides analytic insight and a strategic overview that may be lacking in an in-house department.

These benefits will only come if you find the right partner, one that provides the value you need whether you’re outsourcing B2B or channel sales or if you need targeted lead generation. An offshore service or a low-cost, low-value service is usually more concerned with the number of calls it makes, and less concerned with what’s going on during those calls.

In other words, you don’t want a call center – you want a credible lead gen partner with a trained staff that provides value in three ways.

1. They Sell And Obtain Customer Feedback At The Same Time

Both sales and customer satisfaction feedback are essential functions, but some companies act as though they’re completely independent of each other. A qualified outsourced sales partner, however, provides trained reps that explore both sales potential and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

They do this by asking appropriate follow-up questions about the particular route that prospects have taken on their sales journeys. For instance, if the prospect is halfway down the sales funnel and recently downloaded an e-book, the rep will ask whether the information in the e-book was helpful.

In this way, the rep gets a sense of the prospect’s sales readiness, while at the same time exploring the effectiveness (both strengths and weaknesses) of your marketing materials. Some of this information may be inferred from tracking the specifics of website navigation, or you can ask for feedback through in-app surveys, but the information that arises from actual conversations with prospects is much more detailed and useful.

2. They Provide Insight Into Customer Personas And Sales Journeys

Every prospect’s sales journey is unique. Though you can generalize about customer pains and average out the length of the sales cycle, more segmented customer profiles tend to be more effective.

An outsourced lead nurturing service tracks customer responses and provides individualized data that helps you segment your prospects and use the most effective strategies with each. You’ll know where each customer is in the sales funnel, and, when it’s time to close, whether to pay a sales call or interact with the prospect digitally.

3. They Help You Hear The Voice Of The Customer

Skilled sales partners do a lot more than just fill in the data fields in your CRM. They ask the open-ended questions you specify, and they’re trained to listen to and follow up on the answers they get.

For instance, you can find out how a particular product is being used. By exploring this via a conversation instead of a multiple-choice quiz, you learn specifically which features or functions people are actually using, and what impediments prevent people from using the ones they’re not. Perhaps that user-friendly app isn’t quite as user-friendly as you’d thought. These anecdotal responses often provide valuable 360-degree reporting.

In addition to hearing the voice of the current customer in renewal and follow-up calls heard most clearly in renewal calls, your sales partner can also channel actionable insight from sales prospects. How satisfied is the prospect with their current solution? What are the reasons for their satisfaction (or lack of it)? How do your competitor’s products and services align with yours? Skilled sales reps participating in these two-way conversations are in a position to explore cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

In these three ways, skilled telemarketing professionals (such as those who work for an outsourced sales partner) can gather an array of actionable insights. These insights may be funneled back to you in the format and at the frequency you specify.

If you prefer, your partner should allow you to sit in on the regular meetings the manager handling your account holds with the reps on the phones. However you get the data, use it to improve your offerings and increase your sales.

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