• How Outsourced Sales Offers A Human Connection To Your Software Brand

    We live in a world where technology has provided a litany of ways to communicate with your prospects, without you or them ever having to pick up the phone. This inbound form of prompting dialogue with targeted prospects has its benefits, but there’s a point where human connection needs to occur.

    While sales was once moving away from disruptive, cold tactics to address new buyer behavior needs, there’s now actually a move back toward a want and need for human contact from the top to the bottom of the sales funnel.

    This is especially true for longer sales cycles in industries like software or healthcare, where many decision-makers are involved and solutions selling comes into play.

    Outsourced sales is a way to hire experts who understand how to communicate with prospects in the right way at the right time.

    Outsourcing Sales Representatives For The Front Lines

    Humans are innately relational. Even though your customers have a relationship with your brand and the feelings your marketing and resources evoke, there’s no greater relational opportunity than having an actual conversation with a representative of your brand.

    Your website, email campaigns and social media channels used to communicate with your prospects should lead to a one-on-one engagement with potential customers. An outsourced sales team is the best way to support these engagements with customers and to go a step above the one-to-many communication of your inbound channels.

    The experiences on the phone or in person with brand reps are the ones that ultimately draw up the strongest feelings, the point at which prospects are discussing their operational pains and seriously looking for a solution. Within those conversations exist big opportunities for your outsourced sales team to drive lasting customer relationships, as well as a continuous stream of new revenue.

    Leveraging The Connection: Great Sales Outsourcers Listen And Report

    Your sales outsourcers should actively listen to the real needs and pain points of potential customers. In turn, the feedback they bring back to the team provides valuable insight to make strategic business decisions.
    Your outsourced software sales team should work to create a human connection with prospects, especially to evaluate the following operational heavy hitters:

    • Pricing model and revenue structure
    • Product suite and adoption
    • Product opportunities

    By taking the time to discover issues within the larger business pictures, your outsourced sales team is able to color in the voice of the customer or end user.

    A human connection helps your sales team understand the psychology of how your buyers make decisions over time. Leveraging a human connection also provides a foundation for building trust with an inherently skeptical mindset through action, intention and lots of empathy.

    The beauty of a human connection is two-way communication. The best sales outsourcers are not just another one-to-many communication channel. They communicate one-to-many on a one-to-one basis, and conversely provide a many-to-one channel.

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