• Outsourced Channel Partner Recruitment and Management: Four Key Benefits

    In today’s economy, many companies are scrutinizing their channel programs and reevaluating whether to continue forward as is or make significant changes, such as to outsource channel partner recruitment and management, to control costs.

    Over the course of the past 15 years handling channel partner recruitment and management for numerous clients, we consistently hear our clients talk about the benefit of outsourcing this function. Here I’ve compiled the four benefits we hear them mention most frequently.

    1. Increases control over costs
    This is consistently the top reason I hear as turning to outsourcing provides a significant savings for companies. It does this in two major ways: one is eliminating the costs associated with hiring, training and paying internal personnel; and the second is eliminating costs associated with office space, equipment, technology, etc. that one needs for employees.

    2. Increases efficiency
    By outsourcing roles such as account managers, creative consultants, and compliance auditors, companies can reduce the time needed to perform administrative tasks and their associated costs.

    3. Increases flexibility
    When outsourcing channel partner recruitment or management, companies gain the ability to quickly ramp up, ramp down or shift the focus of the team based on their needs or the needs of their partners.

    4. Enables companies to focus on strategy
    Channel partner recruitment and management is a valuable yet time intensive set of activities. By outsourcing, companies can focus internal resources on the more strategic aspects of their channel program and the outsourced partner can handle day-to-day activities.