• Outsource Partner Management And Recruitment To Transact Business

    An outsourcing strategy for channel sales needs to be based on understanding what your partner’s customers are asking for you to accomplish.

    The truth is that outsourced partner management takes on many forms to help transact business. From how the customer views their sales process to resolving channel sales conflict, you must understand the goals and objectives for driving revenue.

    Many channel sales customers are small businesses with core concerns centered on making payroll and getting every last cent of a sale. In this proprietary and territorial business environment, it’s no wonder why you may harbor concerns about outsourcing and possibly losing business to your outsourcer.

    When looking to outsource your channel sales, you have two main categories of support opportunities to consider: partner recruitment and partner management.

    While partner recruitment is about helping to expand your sales channel, partner management provides ongoing support on technical expertise, sales, marketing, contracts and more.

    How A Channel Sales Partnership Works

    • Outsourcing Partner Recruitment
      Recruiting new partners to become resellers of your products or services is a highly skilled job. It’s not about signing up just anyone. To achieve channel sales success, you can’t have too many partners in the same territory or product sect. You need the right number of partners with the right level of sophistication.

    Outsourcing partner recruitment brings in experts who are skilled at targeting prospective partners. They know how to find your desired partners, qualify them in and sign them up, all on behalf of the OEM. Once a partner is signed up, they’re handed off to either an outsourced or in-house team to manage and assist with channel sales.

    • Outsourcing Partner Management
      Once partners are signed up, they need guidance to help drive the velocity of the product and, subsequently, revenue dollars. Perhaps you don’t have the organization or resources to direct these partners. That’s where outsourcing partner management comes in.

    Outsourcing to subject matter experts on your products or services assists your partners in boosting sales. Partner management also offers insight into partners’ pipelines, so those deals are sized back into an OEM’s sales forecast.

    Within outsourcing partner recruitment and management, the strategy can take on many different flavors. The overall goal is to enlist the support of experts in helping to drum up channel sales activity and transact business.

    Whether it’s gaining new business, generating leads, closing sales, helping with contract and licensing issues or forecasting for the pipelines, you should view outsourcing as a partner assist role.

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