• Success in B2B Telecom Sales: Four Awesome Tips

    10B2B Telecom is a tough but rewarding industry to sell into—it may be hard to build and motivate a team, know how to get them leads, and keep them confident on the phone and happy at work.  At Invenio, setting up and motivating competent B2B Telecom Sales teams is our specialty—but if you’re not ready to hand things over to us, read on to check out our four tips for success in B2B Telecom sales!

    Data-Driven Decision Making

    Always base the decisions you make about your sales strategy on real data, not guesswork.  Just because someone has a high title, doesn’t always mean their ideas or opinions are better—keep things simple and rely on reporting.  If you suspect certain things, pull the data, survey the clients, and get solid support.  You can then make decisions with confidence and may even learn a few new things about your clients and your B2B Telecom Sales Strategy that will surprise you!

    Educate Prospects and Drive Leads

    Lean on the Marketing Department to educate and drive your sales leads.  Any good marketing department should have all the tools and skills needed to have an educational website well-suited for SEO and lead-generation, and these should be funneled straight to the sales team whenever they are ready for a demo, or to buy. Even if the marketing department is small, there are so many tools and

    Be a Compelling Caller

    It’s important that your callers are as effective as possible—people don’t have much time and you only have one shot once you’ve got them on the line!  Stop asking see-through questions like “When is your contract up for renewal?”.  Come up with a strong reason for the call—notes in your CRM are critical for this—and make sure it’s about the business you’re calling, not your own needs.  Call with confidence in yourself and genuine belief that you have a solution for calling them—it will shine through on the call, and the best way to come across in this manner is to be prepared, so do your research!

    Create some Positive Energy

    It’s important to create a positive environment filled with positive energy in your sales environment.  Companies can do this by creating an environment of celebration over successes, frequent learning, training and open sharing, etc.  Leaders must reward positive behavior and sales, get their team excited over promotions and contests, and more.  This excitement will translate into positivity and excitement in your team’s phone calls.

    There you have it–with a little persistence, enthusiasm and some help from the experts, you can have amazing success in B2B telecom sales.  Want more tips from the pros?  Contact Invenio Solutions today for help creating a B2B telecom sales engine.