• How to Optimize Forms to Increase Conversion Rate

    Small adjustment to form layouts can dramatically increase conversion rate, positively impacting your lead pipeline and revenue generation through digital marketing efforts.  Here are 3 main lessons we’d like to share with you via an infographic created by Lisa Margetis, Web Designer at SingleHop.

    1. Less Is Better

    Beyond 5 fields, the effectiveness of a form considerably drops. Requesting too much information from your leads will have a negative impact on your lead generation campaigns. In order to accommodate your leads’ fear of commitment, create forms with no more than 5 fields.

    2. Copy Matters

    While content quality is the primary reason leads will give out their information, the language used in forms is also an important factor. Research shows that people are more responsive to certain calls-to-action depending on how they are formulated. For instance, notice how substituting “You” with “I” in forms can drastically increase conversion rate.

    3. Follow-Up Is Crucial

    Capturing your leads’ information using forms is not an end but a means to further nurture them and drive them down the sales funnel. By thanking them for their download, you get an opportunity to present prospects with additional content they might be interested in and accelerate the nurturing process.

    increase conversion rate

    Want More?

    There are many other factors that will impact your forms’ success, such as layout and color. You will never be done improving your forms, so make sure to split test different alternatives to find out what form designs appeal most to your audience and continuously increase conversion rate.

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