• One Reason Telemarketing Has Such a Bad Reputation

    If you read it, forget it. A recent issue of a software industry newsletter published tips for marketers looking to use marketing by phone. The author of the tips, a CEO of a software company, exclaimed that companies should not try to do marketing by phone themselves, but rather they should outsource telemarketing.

    The reasons cited were that “Most outbound call firms keep their people on just six hours per day, making 200 calls per day.” And he went on to state “the minimum-wage telemarketer can be sufficiently trained quickly to understand the key issues.”

    This type of drive-by marketing must stop. While I agree with the author that outsourcing marketing by phone has many benefits, I strongly disagree with the premise behind his recommendation. A minimum-wage (currently $5.15 per hour) telemarketer is not qualified to discuss the renewal of my support contract for a software package.

    And I certainly wouldn’t want to be their 200th call for the day – it would be painful for both of us. We as marketers must agree that value is created on the phone by having business conversations – conversations that are well planned and considerate. Valuable conversations cannot happen at the tune of 33 per hour.

    It is important for every company to remember that your customers should be treated like the business asset they are – whether you are calling or not – and especially if you are not. To that end, have your phone representatives research each customer they plan to call before picking up the phone. Train telemarketing representatives to have conversations with your customers – not interrogations.

    It is a tried and true process that can’t be repeated enough, when companies and the firms they outsource lead generation activities to work collaboratively, as a team, the outcome is always much better – for everyone involved.

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