• How to Nail Your Interview with Invenio Solutions

    Written by Kim Hadley

    When interviewing with any company it is always important to sell yourself to the hiring manager. If you are interviewing with an award winning sales and marketing firm like, Invenio Solutions, there is an expectation that you need to sell yourself in the interview to land the job.

    So now you may be asking yourself, just how should I go about selling myself in the interview? The good news is as an experienced Recruiter for Invenio Solutions, I am here to provide you with a few simple tips to help you sell yourself in your next interview!


    Tip #1) Be confident:

    Sounds simple enough but a lot of times when candidates are interviewing for a role with our company, their nerves can sometimes get the best of them as there is an emphasis on wanting to make the right impression on the hiring manager. If you come across as too nervous or timid during your interview you will likely not progress past the initial interview stage with our hiring team. It is important to understand that you were invited to interview with our company because our company believes you may already be the right candidate for the role. In knowing that you have the right foundation of skills and experience for the role it is important to be confident in your presentation and delivery during the interview.


    Tip #2) Boast a little in your interview but not too much:

    Our hiring managers want to learn more about your accomplishments and achievements during the interview. It is important to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are goal oriented and driven to meet and exceed goals or quota expectations on the job. You should be proud of your achievements and be willing to share your success stories with the hiring manager. When speaking about goal achievements and attainments ensure that you are specific about what the goals were and how you went about achieving or exceeding those goals. Keep in mind however, boasting too much or even gloating about your past achievements and accomplishments can come across negatively in the interview, so make sure not to go overboard!


    Tip #3) Ask for the job:

    When our company is interviewing a candidate for a position with our sales or business development teams, the hiring manager likes to be asked for the job by the interviewing candidate. When a candidate attempts to close the manager at the end of the interview in reaffirming their fit and interest in the role, it shows the hiring manager that the candidate is truly interested in the opportunity and really wants the job opportunity. When asking for the job at the end of the interview, it also shows the hiring manager that the candidate is not afraid to ask for what they want and will also not be afraid to ask for a sale from a potential customer if hired by our company.

    There you have it! Three simple tips to help you sell yourself in your interview with Invenio Solutions. With these tips in mind, you should be able to land your next career opportunity with our company in no time.

    For more information about our company and our available opportunities at Invenio Solutions or to apply on-line, please visit our website at: www.InvenioMarketing.com

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