• Maximizing Tradeshow Lead Generation

    Recently, Invenio Solutions has been on the road, visiting and exhibiting at numerous industry events. While our presence at these events was mostly focused around increasing awareness of our B2B lead generation services to event attendees, we were also “in attendance” ourselves, shopping around for products and services to enhance our current offerings and help us continue to offer cutting-edge services.

    To do this, we visited booths of companies offering products/services we were seriously considering, gathered information and submitted our contact information, in expectation we would receive additional details following the event. As weeks, and in some cases months, have gone by since these events, we are surprised to report back that of the companies we visited while on the road, we have not heard back from an overwhelming majority.

    Surprising? Well, not to us. In fact, at Invenio Solutions, it is not uncommon for us to see companies making mistakes just like this. Whether assumptions are made, on the spot, about the contacts “fit” or level of interest, or leads gathered at the event are simply entered into a database without performing post-event follow activities up for additional qualification, the truth is, many organizations are letting real leads slip through the cracks. In addition, regardless of the current fit of the company, it is important to remember that leads are “people” that represent a company and people can move. At Invenio Solutions, we have quite a few of our current clients where the decision maker moved from a company that didn’t fit our “profile” to one that did. Building the relationship by responding in a timely fashion and providing our feedback regardless of their fit, built the foundation for our ability to engage with them and eventually add them to our client list.

    So our message is, don’t let this happen to you. Avoid missed opportunities by planning post-event follow-up campaigns in which every lead is thoroughly qualified to ensure those that are truly interested make it into your sales pipeline. Either assign internal resources or look to outsource this effort but don’t lose the opportunity to build a relationship that can benefit you in the long run.

    As said best by Christa Kleinhans Tuttle, president of Launch Marketing, “From a marketers perspective, when a conference, tradeshow, webcast or other event ends, that marketing campaign is truly only 50% complete- the balance of time should be focused on post event activities including lead qualification, classification and follow-up activities.”  If you need more tips on improving your sales pipeline, be sure to contact us today.