• Marketo Tips on Lead Scoring 101


    Chances are you recognized the need for an automated marketing solution after reading a variety of blog posts and attending trade
    shows that convinced you it’s an essential element to successful marketing for your company now and well into the future. Awesome. Congratulations! You’re officially in a better spot than the 76% of B2B marketers who do not have a marketing automation solution. Now what?


    Ok, so now you’re convinced you need lead scoring. You gush to your sales counterparts about all the demographic elements you can score, but beyond that all the activities Marketo can track and score. You can track web activity (or inactivity), email opens and clicks, form submissions, social activity and so much more. By the time a lead gets to sales, the sales rep can be confident the person has explicit interest.

    Sounds great, everyone’s excited; everyone’s bought in. But, before you can get all these sales-ready leads to the sales department, you need a plan.

    Step 1.  Define your buyer personas

    Step 2.  Assess what demographic criterion identifies these buyers

    Step 3.  Assess what actions these buyers will take to indicate a readiness to purchase or acquire more information

    Step 4.  Decide how many points each of these demographic aspects and actions are worth

    Step 5.  Set thresholds to define cold, warm and hot lead status


    You have your strategy documented. You know what elements you want to score, what score each of these elements is worth and finally what point totals leads will need to reach before being passed over to sales. Now, roll up your sleeves and build out your campaign.


    You finally got sales on the same page as you, everything is built perfectly, leads are syncing to your customer relationship management software seamlessly, but there’s a problem. Turns out your “qualified” leads aren’t so qualified. Luckily, changing the scoring is easy.

    As previously stated, there isn’t a right or wrong way to do lead scoring. Implement, test, track, repeat for a rich, full, beautiful lead scoring program.

    Content developed by LeadMD, Inc. 2011