• Marketing automation: A reason to be thankful in 2014


    It’s the time of year to give thanks. As a B2B sales solutions provider, we are thankful for the many benefits provided by our marketing and sales teams’ use of marketing automation. Marketing automation is now a staple tool in the sales and marketing tool kit and here are some of the benefits we have enjoyed from using the platform we have deployed:

    Scalable Prospect Targeting

    To reach the right audience with the right product at the right time was a goal that was accomplished through use of marketing automation software. Using this solution we had a scalable way to target specific audiences and determine which to pursue further, which to nurture and which to disqualify.

    Advanced Reporting

    One of the greatest advantages of marketing automation is its advanced reporting tools. By engaging our marketing automation software’s reporting and analytic capabilities we were able to derive actionable insights around the content that was most effective with our audience. Eg: What were they clicking on in emails, which white papers did they find most interesting and what else did they consume online about us once they accessed our initial content?

    Tracking Spend to Revenue

    By allowing us to track prospects’ activities spanning from the source of initial engagement (PPC, Events, Webinars), through to lead conversion along the sales funnel, marketing automation allowed for attribution of marketing spend to revenue and helped us make the case for 2015 marketing budget growth.

    Multiple Campaigns Execution

    Marketing automation enabled us to get more done in less time. We were able setup multiple campaigns at one time as well as integrate regular content updates across various platforms through use of this solution.

    While these are simply a few of the reasons we are thankful for our marketing automation tool in 2014, they are certainly some of the top contenders. What is your business thankful for this year?

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