• The Makings of a Sales Scientist

    A business is only as good as the people who run it. The world of sales is no different. But as sales adopts the scientific method, what of the people? At Invenio®, where there is a science to our sales, there is also a methodic training of each sales employee to become a sales scientist.


    Hired and trained under the principles of “Inveniology”, our sales teams are culled from the beginning to earn their title as bona fide sales scientists, or as we like call them: the Inveniologists. The Inveniologist is a dynamic, innovative, and competitive individual who has aligned himself with the company mantra: plan carefully and follow-up closely. Our sales scientists are trained in the ability to break down the sales process into formula and analysis. The Inveniologist is what sets our company apart.

    So how does a sales rep become a sales scientist? At Invenio, the process starts before there is even a hiring manager involved. Here’s an inside look at our unique process:

    Step 1: TESTING

    Before there is an interview or an offer, there is testing. Following the scientific method, Invenio first administers carefully designed tests to measure certain facets amongst potential candidates. The big three attributes tested for are Aptitude, Aggression, and Logic Orientation.

    Step 2: HIRING

    While scores in these categories profile candidates as qualified sales scientists, there is no one profile for the Inveniologist. This is why candidates who have undergone testing will then interview with up to two different hiring managers, and at times even a director, to earn their spot on the team.

    Step 3: TRAINING

    No matter the experience a candidate brings to the table, a willing personality and methodic training determine the success of a sales scientist. The key to training is metrics. By recording and evaluating every step of the training process, we are able to design sales teams based on the scientific method.

    At Invenio, there are three levels of training administered to the sales teams.

    Level 1: The Bachelors

    A weeklong process ensures that our sales scientists are well acquaintedwith their leadership, the product, and the sales process.

    Level 2: The Masters

    Taking place over a six-month period, the Masters level training further enhances product knowledge, process expertise, sales skills, and leadership capabilities. An individual does not simply enter the Masters level training. Rather, they must qualify based on specific criteria such as tenure and sales performance.

    Level 3: The Doctorate

    An intensive 12-month program, the Doctorate level training hones in on two specific tracks: Sales and Leadership. Here, we take our best and brightest and make them brighter.

    Furthermore, training is sustained beyond the allocated levels by tapping into client resources. A part of the package, clients have the option of an onsite visit to see our Inveniologists in action and provide further enhancements to our already robust training as required. This allows both Inveniologists and clients to work closely and foster partnerships that provide ongoing training (such as product or solutions updates) to the sales teams, as needed.

    As the world of sales evolves, so must the individuals within it. Dictated by the science of this evolution, Inveniology cultivates the sales scientist of the future. To find out the difference an Inveniologist can make for you click here.

    Photo credit: Pablo Ramdohr