• Making the Move to Mass Customization

    B2B lead generation teams who want to move to mass customization selling process will most likely need to leverage new technology (e.g., Marketing Automation and Sales 2.0 tools), revamp their marketing and sales processes (alignment, agreement on goals, and possibly organizational structures), as well as re-train and/or shift current thinking about how to attract, court, and convert customers. Recommendations for accomplishing some of these tasks include: creating buying “personas” (representing roles seen frequently in the buying process); creating targeted marketing for each persona; asking each perspective buyer their desired method and channel(s) for communication; creating fulfillment and offers targeted to where the prospect is in the buying cycle (as defined by explicit and implicit behavior), and creating processes based on your competitive environment.

    For a great overview of what techniques will set you apart in converting prospects to clients, including examples of customizing a sales process, check out our webinar on January 27th 2 pm EST. If you can’t make the date, a recording will be available on our website following the event. And no, we won’t be giving away a customized car or any specialty spaghetti sauce, but promise to follow-up with you in a unique manner based on your role and needs, if you chose to share them with us.