• Leaving High Impact Voicemails for High-tech Executives

    When leaving voicemails for prospects in lead generation telesales, it is best to have something compelling and succinct as you only have a short amount of time to grab their attention. You do not want to have a long winded message that includes nothing but a feature and benefit dump, but instead provide some sort of ‘hook’ in order for the prospect to return the call.

    The voicemail best practices topic was recently discussed in one of our client campaign team meetings. Typically, if this team is leaving a voice message for a CIO and mentions anything about ‘services’ or ‘support’, they generally stop paying attention to the message. The reason for this being when the CIO hears ‘support’ or ‘services’ they conclude that they already have teams handling those issues and in most cases they are too far removed from the day to day support and services of the business. Therefore mentioning either of these words on a voicemail does not really provide the CIO a hook to call back.

    Now if they hear the message below it has more of a business tone, how can we increase efficiency, reduce cost, increase health then it becomes a conversation that could have a cost saving impact to his bottom line etc. In order to have more call backs, the team implemented the voicemail script below to change the trend.

    Hi Joe,

    My name is ___________ from ABC Corp, I am extension of your account team led by “John Smith”.  I would like to spend some time talking to you about how we can help your company increase your operational efficiency, reduce costs and become healthier and less reactive around our technologies.  I will follow up this voicemail with a calendar invite for Tuesday at 9:00 est.   If you have any immediate questions please call me at _________, I look forward to talking with you Tuesday.

    As you can see this client team does not mention anything about support or services. Instead it comes across as the sales team asking to have a business conversation to help them be successful and to help them maximize their investment in the most efficient way.

    What are best practices that you can share where you have been able to get high-tech industry leaders to return your call? Are there certain words or phrases that have a larger impact?