• Lead Nurturing Tips

    Lead nurturing is an important element of the complex B2B sales cycles we here at The Lead Dogs specialize in.  Boiled down, it’s the process of identifying and priming leads that are qualified but not yet sales ready, which keeps your team’s lead pipeline full and ready for further action while you’re busy working on more fully developed sales.

    This process works through a pretty tried-and-true process that The Lead Dogs has worked on tirelessly to perfect.  First, we thoroughly profile an industry, identifying the unique traits of the field your sales team aims to target.  Getting this lay of the land is essential to moving forward with confidence.  Following that, we identify the primary influencers in that field, using them as starting points for our contacts.  We use these contacts as entry points to conduct meetings and product demonstrations, drumming up interest.  Once we find those ideal, sales-ready candidates for your team, those highly influential, interested targets, we deliver them to you in real-time, using our own lead generation dashboard.

    Our goal is keeping your sales team focused.  In light of this desire, we focus on inquiry management in tandem with this lead nurturing cycle.  In addition to unloading the burden of finding new leads for your team, the Lead Dogs frees them up from having to field incoming requests so they can hone in on closing deals.

    Here’s a link to a blog post containing some pretty good lead nurturing tips.  It’s basically a series of handy guidelines designed to demonstrate how a successful lead nurturing campaign is run.  Among the nuggets of wisdom contained therein: “Treat ‘leads’ like ‘future customers’ because that’s what they are.”  This is exactly right.  Sales is about building relationships, and that’s what the lead generation services we offer at The Lead Dogs are all about.