• Lead Nurturing: Timing is Everything

    When it comes to lead generation, timing is everything. Sales teams have an easier time securing a lead when they are contacting a prospect during a time of need. However determining that ‘right time’ can be challenging, this is why it is wise for businesses to invest time in lead nurturing efforts.

    With lead nurturing, businesses can be more strategic in the timing of the interactions with each prospect. While it is important to stay in touch with prospects during the lead nurturing stage, businesses must not bombard prospects with communication as it may turn them away from doing business with you. Overwhelming prospects with information, even if it is relevant, will come off as spammy and prospects will eventually tune out the noise.

    When it comes to timing and how often communication should be sent out during lead nurturing varies among companies and industries. It also depends on where the prospect is in the buying cycle. One way to determine where a prospect is in the buying cycle is to incorporate behavior based marketing tactics. This means tracking the activities a prospect does while on your website or during your email campaigns. When businesses track these activities, they are able to send out more relevant communication, allowing telesales to have better informed conversations with prospects, thus moving prospects further through the sales cycle.

    Tell us what you think. How does your business time the interactions it has with prospects in lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns? Do you find that timed interactions have brought you a higher conversion rate in closed business?