• Lead Nurturing: Pitfalls to Avoid

    We recently came across information from Marketo defining both what lead nurturing is and pitfalls businesses like yours need to avoid. Marketo simply defines lead nurturing as “the process of building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of their timing to buy, with the goal of earning their business when they are ready. Lead nurturing is about building relationships and trust with your prospects in a way that is both consistent and relevant.”

    However lead nurturing can go wrong. If your business is doing any of the steps below, you should seriously reconsider your lead nurturing practices.

    Lead Nurturing – What it is NOT:

    • Sending out an e-newsletter on a semi-regular basis
    • Randomly calling leads every six weeks to see if they are ready to buy
    • Blasting your entire database with a new case study
    • Offering content that promotes your company’s products and services and does not take into account your prospects’ interests or needs at their stage of buying


    How can you tell? Ask yourself if the information you’re providing will be useful to them even if they never buy from you.

    To read more about Marketo’s findings go to http://www.marketo.com/library/definitive-guide-to-lead-nurturing.pdf