• Lead Nurturing: How to make it work for you

    So you’ve heard of this little ditty called lead nurturing. What is it and why do you need it to help grow your business?

    Lead nurturing takes prospects that are not quite sales ready and nurtures the relationship until it is. Maybe the prospects don’t have the budget or the timing is off. Regardless of the reason why they are not ready to buy right now, organizations need to understand the benefits of holding on to that partnership until the timing is right.

    Reach out and touch someone – and use multiple marketing avenues to do so. Perhaps it’s a call, an email or sending business swagger. Whatever you do, remember to keep them focused on your organization.

    Keep them engaged – This is very important to lead nurturing efforts. Maybe you’ve launched a new product or service. Remind them why they can’t do business without your business. There is a reason they are looking – because they have a perceived need. Make sure you don’t lose them to your competitor.

    Provide relevant information – When you reach out to your prospects, make sure that the information you are discussing is relevant. It is essential in lead nurturing to not become more white noise. Find out where they are in the buying cycle and tailor your pitch to match.

    Determine buying cycles – In order to keep your information consistent and relevant to the lead you’re nurturing, find out where they are in the buying cycle. Are they just starting to research solutions? Have they narrowed their search to only a few solutions and are closer to making a decision?

    Generate more qualified leads – Lead nurturing helps deliver valid opportunities to the sales teams. This makes for a quicker sale, helping to strengthen the partnership between sales and marketing.