• Lead Nurturing How-To: Create Content to Help Generate Leads

    Utilizing content to generate and later nurture leads can be a successful tactic in B2B sales. With so many types of content, it can be an overwhelming task determining which types of content would be most effective for a B2B lead nurturing campaign. Here are some tips for utilizing content to generate sales prospects.

    Keep It Simple
    Don’t drown your potential leads in too much jargon. Be concise and to the point, but maintain a clear voice and perspective. It may be hard at first to create a unique voice that is both professional and personal to represent your business, but it is essential in order to stand out from your competitors.

    Quality Counts
    Monitor the quality of your content. Sometimes it’s possible to get so caught up in producing large amounts of content that what is produced ceases to be relevant. Avoid producing content for content’s sake. Poorly-written content can do just as much harm to a lead nurturing campaign as well-written content can do good.

    Add Variety
    Vary your content according to the characteristics of the prospects you are trying to reach. By segmenting your audience into groups with similar characteristics, it is possible to deliver targeted messages that resonate with their specific needs. One example of this is segmenting the audience by stages in the sales funnel. Determining where your prospects reside in the sales funnel can help determine what kind of content you need to produce. Effective lead nurturing involves tailoring your message to the location of the prospect.

    Make It Interactive
    In order to generate leads from content, you must be able to gather prospects’ contact information. While not all content should necessarily be gated behind registration forms, the types of content that are more suited for later stages in the sales funnel, such as whitepapers or buying guides, are great offerings to use to entice prospects to give up their contact information.

    Use a Call to Action
    Effective lead nurturing content ends by providing the prospect with a clear “next step.” Telling the reader to complete a specific action eliminates any ambiguity about how to proceed, making it simple for the prospect to follow up with you. Always provide easy-to-find contact information and links that enable prospects to learn more about your offerings.

    A growing number of businesses are realizing the value that can be found in content marketing, and specifically the ability to generate leads from content. While this tactic is relatively easy to execute, it is still important that it is integrated into a comprehensive B2B lead generation campaign, utilizing other tactics to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.