• Lead Nurturing Basics: Pay Attention to Company Roles

    It is mentioned time and time again in lead nurturing that content which is sent to prospects must be relevant  to where they are in the buying cycle. If the information is not relevant, no matter how important, it can be seen as a nuisance and will fall on deaf ears. To ensure that this does not happen, businesses need to remember to make content relevant to the prospect’s role in the organization by determining if that person is the influencer or buyer.

    Influencers – The influencer’s title will vary in each company, but the influencer is generally the person who is experiencing the ‘pain’ of not having your business’ product or service. As a result, marketing content should be more detailed regarding the benefits and features of your business offering. Typically when sales professionals are able to convince the influencer of the value of their product or service, they have an easier time closing the sale. This is because the influencer will ‘influence’ the buyer into making the purchase.

    Buyers – Buyers are typically senior level executives or business leaders and lead nurturing marketing content must be tailored to match. This means making the content more high level and usually having it revolve around the ROI, or return on investment. These senior level leaders are the decision makers that have the pocket books and are able to implement business decisions. Again, it is advantageous to get buy-in from the influencer first because selling to the buyer can be more challenging.

    How does your organization sell to influencers and buyers? Have you found greater success when tailoring your lead nurturing campaigns to match?