• Lead Nurturing Basics: Content

    Lead nurturing is about building lasting relationships with prospects until they are ready to purchase. One way to help strengthen the relationship is through timely and relevant content. Something that will speak to prospects at exactly the right time, addressing any ‘pain’ they are looking to relieve.

    Change it up – No one wants to read the same information over and over again, so don’t let your communication with prospects become stale. While it’s perfectly acceptable to recycle old content in the lead nurturing process, be sure to do so while adding a new twist or point of view. Whatever you do, be sure to change it up a bit to include webinars, links to YouTube, anything that can help you become memorable to your prospects.

    Measure, Rinse and Repeat – Find out which communications are bringing your organization the largest amount of responses in lead nurturing. Perhaps you are finding that your business sees a higher click through rate when discussing certain topics. Maybe some subject lines work better than others. By measuring your results, you can specify/dig deeper and determine which topics your prospects are interested in and build content talking to those subjects.

    Ready, Aim, Fire – Take a targeted approach to content development in lead nurturing. According to MarketingSherpa1:

    • 82% of prospects say content targeted to their specific industry is more valuable

    • 67% say content targeted to their job function is more valuable

    • 49% say content targeted to their company size is more valuable

    • 29% prefer content targeted to their geography

    How do you determine what is relevant content in your organization’s lead nurturing campaigns? What best practices can you share about what has worked and what didn’t?

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