• Lead Nurturing Basics: Contact Stage

    Determining what buying stage a prospect is in during lead nurturing will help businesses decide what content needs to be sent. To simplify, we can break down prospect buying behaviors into three lead nurturing stages.

    Know there’s a problem – At this point in the buying cycle what is most beneficial to receive as a prospect is educational information. Prospects are looking to uncover who your company is and what services you provide. Perhaps deliver customer testimonials and examples of other organizations that your business helped to find success. Again, nothing too hard hitting at this point, just general content that helps your organization stand out from your competitors.

    Want to find a solution – Prospects have a general idea of what solutions exist, but are not certain which business to choose or which route to take. This is where a more targeted lead nurturing approach comes into play. It may be beneficial to invite prospects to view a webinar that you are hosting, attend an event in which you are presenting, or check out links on your website to read informative white papers. Prospects are starting to pay close attention to which organizations will be able to provide them with a solution and the content that is sent to them at this stage must match their needs.

    Deciding on a solution – At this stage in lead nurturing, prospects are ready to make a purchasing decision. They have obtained a plethora of information from multiple organizations and are narrowing their focus to just one solution. Prospects in this stage of the buying cycle are looking for answers – what is it that your organization can do for them and how is your organization going to do it better than your competitors.

    What other suggestions can you offer regarding lead nurturing stages? Have you ever sent out communication too soon and it backfired?