• Lead Generation: White Papers

    In our previous blog post, we went over some of our services, including lead generation, lead nurturing, and inquiry management.  The goal of that was to demonstrate how we here at Invenio® approach supplying our lead generations solutions to our customers.  That way is, as mentioned before, through meticulous and never-ending research, along with keeping abreast of industry trends by reading a bevy of blogs and articles dealing with the worlds of B2B lead generation and telemarketing.

    One such recent trawl through the B2B lead gen blogosphere yielded this excellent, if brief, blog post about writing white papers that are optimized to generate leads.  The blog post asked two prominent members of the online marketing field to weigh in on what makes a white paper a lead generating white paper.  We’ll go over the specifics in a second, here, but first we’d like to point out that the recommendations in this post point toward one, overarching rule: Make the white paper useful.

    Now, we know that white papers are free, at least from a financial perspective.  (The information gleaned from people signing up for the white paper may not be technically “free” in that it cost time to give, but it certainly doesn’t involve wallets being pulled out of pockets or purses.)  Regardless, even though they may not cost a penny, it stands to reason that people are more willing to fill out a form to get something when they think the end product might be something worth their time.  A white paper deemed useless by a prospective audience is a much weaker lead generation tool than one that people eagerly want to read.

    That’s why the recommendations offered include making sure the white paper is relevant and has a call to action that appeals to the audience the paper is targeting (see what we mean?).  It’s also beneficial to make your white paper attractive from a design standpoint as well as from a content standpoint.  It’s as simple as this: People like things that are easy to like, and your paper should hew to that wisdom as closely as possible if you want it to be a truly effective lead generation tool.