• Lead Generation: When Research Matters

    Lead generation for our clients is our ultimate goal here at Invenio®. That’s our mission, boiled down to as simplistic a sentence as possible. Obviously, there are additional, refining factors that alter this overarching goal. We want the quality of the leads to be good, so we uniquely tailor our lead generation efforts for our clients’ positioning in their particular industries to ensure that the leads we generate are well-targeted.

    We also engage in a lead nurturing campaign which further develops the generated leads. This process that helps keep your sales team from working on ultimately fruitless leads, which simultaneously frees up their schedule to spend more time closing sales.

    Our suite of services also includes inquiry management, which quickly, accurately, and efficiently assesses the quality of incoming leads.  Like lead nurturing, this weeds out leads that might not have as much value to your sales team.  Like all our other services, properly executed inquiry management requires considerable amounts of research and expertise in the field.

    At Invenio, we’re very serious about the work that we do, and we keep abreast of the latest research and industry trends to back up our processes. While doing research, we came across this excellent blog post about what attracts customers to white papers. In the realm of lead generation, white papers can be truly wonderful tools—if they’re employed correctly. Since they’re content-intensive, they can represent a fair amount of time and money wasted if they’re not well-thought-out before deployment. We’ll go into further depth in a subsequent blog post dealing with what specific traits the writers of the blog post determined are particularly successful, but in the interest of keeping our readership on their toes in anticipation, we’ll say that both traits are client-directed.

    This makes sense, because even though a white paper is ostensibly an item given away for free, people filling out forms to get that white paper (also known as “potential customers”) still want quality.

    In the future, we’ll go over what, specifically, those potential customers are looking for.