• Lead Generation: When It Goes Wrong

    Lead generation services are our bread and  butter here at the Lead Dogs.  We’ve developed a proven series of processes that we apply to the sales cycle.  Together, they’re designed to identify, profile, and nurture leads that are then delivered to your sales team.  The benefit of this is that your sales team is relieved of the burden of having to do this work themselves, which, though a crucial element of initiating the sales cycle, is peripheral to it.  This way, your sales team can focus on closing sales, which is, after all, what they’re trained to do best.

    As previously mentioned, our lead generation process is finely tuned and thoroughly developed.  There’s a reason for this: Lead generation, when handled improperly, can go wrong.  There’s a blog post over at B2C Marketing Insider about lead generation mistakes that makes for fairly useful reading.  The post focuses specifically on online lead generation, but the points are nevertheless useful.  We’ve synthesized some of the more salient ones here.

    Having high levels of traffic to your website is great, but it’s of utmost importance to pay attention to conversions.  It’s simple math: If site A receives 1,000 visits a day and has a 0.5% conversion rate, while site B receives 500 visits a day but has a 1.5% conversion rate, the owners of site B are doing a better job at monetizing their presence online.  And that’s the ultimate goal of a business’s website.  It’s a mistake to place so much emphasis on drawing in visitors that you’re neglecting the conversion aspect of the equation.  It happens more than you’d think.

    Another important element to consider, which we’ve written about in our blog post about inquiry management, is ensuring that the response time to any incoming contact is prompt and targeted.  It sounds obvious to state, but it’s worth pointing out: Customers are interested in instant, personalized contact.  An immediate phone call will beat out a delayed email campaign any day.

    These are just some areas of consideration when it comes to engineering a successful lead generation campaign, and at the Lead Dogs, weighing all these concerns is part of what we do.