• Lead Generation: What Today’s B2B Buyers Are Like

    Lead generation and what works is changing. I recently attended a webcast hosted by Sirius Decisions, and wanted to share a subset of that conversation, which was focused on inbound marketing.

    While outbound marketing activities are very important for lead generation, trends are showing that doing a combination of inbound and outbound activities generates even bigger results. B2B buyers are taking more time to educate themselves, before they are ready to engage.

    When they are ready to engage, they will raise their hand, and that may be by reaching out to your company via the website, email or phone. Therefore, inbound activities play an important role because when someone is ready to engage, they have to be able to find you!

    Leveraging inbound marketing for lead generation, companies can:

    • Ensure the company is positioned exactly as you want to be
    • Build better lists of relevant contacts
    • Attract more buyers who are actively looking for a solution
    • Start sales cycles with buyer initiated engagements
    • Create a continuous stream of opportunities


    As a result, these types of opportunities often flow through the sales pipeline more quickly. That is of course, assuming they are followed up with promptly and effectively.

    Trends show that as B2B organizations have gotten more sophisticated with inbound marketing and a larger volume of leads are being passed to sales, sales is sometimes overwhelmed by the volume, often falling behind on the necessary next steps. So it is important to remember that while inbound is a critical source of leads, it is only the first step in the process.

    In order to move past the initial inbound “hand raising,” those leads need to be followed up with promptly and further qualified. This can be handled by inside sales – who are trained to quickly qualify or disqualify leads, so only those that are truly sales ready move on to the sales organization for a conversation.

    Need help with this step? Invenio Marketing Solution’s inquiry management services can quickly and effectively uncover qualified leads and pass to sales those that are sales ready. For those who are qualified but not ready for sales, our comprehensive lead nurturing services can engage with the lead and nurture it until sales ready. The result is your sales team can focus their time on active sales opportunities and close more deals.