• Lead Generation Tips Using LinkedIn

    The Value of LinkedIn for Lead Generation
    LinkedIn gives you the ability to have an accurate list of your professional connections, regularly maintained and updated by those connections, instead of requiring you to update their information in whatever online or on-desk address book you use. In addition, LinkedIn allows you to see information on not only your connections, but on your connections’ connections and even your connections’ connections’ connections in real time. Leveraging LinkedIn to support lead generation, you can even use your connections to introduce you, instead of hoping for a chance encounter elsewhere.

    Tips for Linked In
    Something to consider when doing this is, if you don’t want other users to know that you have viewed their profile when you conduct a search:
    * Click on “Account and Settings” at the top right of the page
    * On the right side of this page, under “Privacy Settings,” click “Profile Views”
    * Select your choice and save your changes
    Note that this “Privacy Settings” section allows you to control many other layers of information on your profile too.

    Another great way to meet new like-minded contacts is through the many groups available to join on LinkedIn. These groups are a good place for sharing information and ideas, while keeping within a forum created for such needs. If you do actively participate in a group, it is a best practice to keep the content relevant to the group, provide content of value to group members or pose a question where you can gain valuable information.

    Based on your experiences with LinkedIn, what other tips have you learned?