• Lead Generation: Social Media May Help

    Lead generation is an invaluable element of any sales cycle for obvious reasons.  Without leads, there’s nothing for your sales team to work on closing, and when your sales team isn’t closing, it’s not creating value for your organization.  Lead generation works by rapidly identifying, profiling, and nurturing each qualified lead to help jump-start the sales process.  This gives your team the luxury of not having to split its focus on finding new targets while it’s simultaneously working on generating income.

    While keeping abreast of industry developments, we came across this lead generation blog (now defunct) post which does a nice job of profiling and illustrating the benefits of social media as part of a B2B lead generation campaign.  According to the post, which cites a Unisfair survey as evidence, social media is now the fastest growing emerging medium for generating leads out there right now.  Though many of the contacts made via social media might be of a lower quality than some other, more traditional channels, the point is that there is a value to those contacts  being made in this sphere, and it would be a disservice to ignore them.

    The benefits of social media, the post continues, are many.  First, it allows you to put your brand out there and control the message.  If you don’t tweet or blog about your product, there’s a chance someone else will.  Beat them to the punch.  Further pluses include fostering a referral network and putting you in contact with other professionals in your field in a friendly, mutually beneficial environment.  Regardless of whether or not you decide to implement a social media marketing campaign, it’s certainly worth considering, as this post makes clear.

    Consider the Lead Dogs for any lead generation services you and your sales team might require.  From the aforementioned lead generation to lead nurturing and inquiry management, our services are designed to do much of the heavy lifting in filling your sales pipeline, giving you qualified leads that  you can focus on.  We’re all about the specialization of labor.  We’ll do what we do best so that you can do what you do best.