• Lead Generation Planning – Ten Considerations for 2011

    Now is the time of year when many marketers are looking at 2011 and planning for lead generation. As you develop your plans, there are many areas to consider and with fewer resources available than in years past, prioritizing is key.

    Top marketers suggest that you always begin with the end in mind. What do you want to accomplish in 2011? What are the company goals? The sales goals? Then the marketing goals should stem from them.

    Once you know your goals, here are just a few areas to discuss as you think through what your lead generation planning should include:

    Target market defined: clearly articulate who your audience is and profile them in detail
    Marketing channels outlined: determine the mix of mediums to include in your plan
    Social media and collaboration needs: uncover the importance of social media in your planning process and incorporate it into your activities
    Database structure, relevancy and growth: think through needs for database building and management as databases go bad very quickly
    Competition: know who they are, how you differentiate and how you can stand out
    Market maturity: understand the market, needs and key drivers- you would market differently in a mature market compared to a new one
    Brand recognition: know how you are perceived in the market- is your name recognized? Would you appear on “the list” of companies looking for a vendor that provides you rtype of services?
    Biz dev focus and bandwidth– help your business development team focus their time only on the most qualified leads
    Marketing content: carve out time and resources for content and have a detailed matrix and plan of what you need to create over the course of the year
    Direct vs. indirect considerations: understand how marketing directly and through the channel are different and similar, and if you have channel sales, be sure to think through their needs for lead generation and include that in the plan

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