• Lead Generation: Making the Most Out Of It

    Lead generation is a complex, multi-part process that requires the use of meticulously researched, proven methods in order to ensure its maximum success.  It takes an organization with excellent organizational and analytical skills to provide sustained success in this field.  Given that, and given the idea that sales teams looking to hire a lead generation company want to ensure that this important part of the sales cycle isn’t in the hands of unreliable agents, we’ve put together some things you’d like to consider and ask any prospective generator.

    First, you’d like to get a sense of the structure of the organization.  How many layers are involved with the lead generation process, and how do those layers interact?  Going along the interaction line of inquiry, it would certainly be beneficial to know what sort of communication there is between the company and yourself, as well as what sort of communication is used to generate leads.

    About those leads: It would be helpful to know how the agency typically generates them.  What sort of methods does it use to profile prospective leads?  How are these leads nurtured?  What sort of relationships does the lead generation company attempt to foster with buyers in your industry?  Does it use a fire-hose approach—lots of marginal quality, poorly sourced leads—or a more precise, data- and rapport-driven approach?  Do their methods change depending on the field you operate in?  How so?

    Of course, we believe that we’re more than capable of ably answering all these questions successfully and effectively.  Our suite of lead generation services, which also includes inquiry management services and customer relationship development, is designed to be comprehensive, efficient, and results-oriented.  We put our considerable experience and metrics-based knowledge to work on generating leads so that your sales team can focus on generating revenue by closing sales.  Contact us today to learn more.