• Lead Generation: Leads That Help Generate Themselves

    We over here at Invenio® like to keep abreast of any new, fresh, or useful takes on lead generation out there.  After all, it’s our industry, and keeping up-to-date on all developments in our field is part of staying on top.  We also like to share things we find interesting out there.  In that spirit, we’ve found a lead generation article on a blog about managed service providers (MSPs) that discusses how to set up self-sustaining leads.  The article does a good job of laying it all out, but we’ll paraphrase for those of you who are on the run.

    Basically, this post touts communication as a lead generation tool.  It’s a very old-school solution to a more cutting-edge question.  If you want to gather more leads, build new relationships and strengthen old ones.  Once you’ve closed a sale, don’t walk away from that customer—keep that line of communication open to increase the likelihood of repeat business and new business through referrals.  It’s a simple answer, really, but it’s a satisfactory one, and it never hurts to remember how leads are built.

    There’s a bit of a modern twist to the whole post, especially when they start suggesting touting your successes through an organized press release campaign, and through various social media, but by and large, the message is simple and timeless: Talk (and listen) to your customers.

    Of course, doing all that work does take time and effort, and while it might be difficult to attach a concrete dollar figure to either of those, they certainly aren’t free.  Contact us today to get our expert assistance with a wide range of lead generation services.  Utilizing proven customer relationship development and inquiry management techniques, our finely tuned system will keep your pipeline filled with sales leads.  That can free up your team to, enabling it to focus on what they were meant to do, and what they do best: close sales.