• Lead Generation Is an Ongoing Process, Not an Event-Based Campaign

    Lead generation is a primary concern for many businesses. However, there is a common misconception as to how lead generation works.

    We have found that many of our prospective clients think of lead generation as event- or campaign-based. Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic formula that will get you a massive flow of leads overnight.


    Knowing that only 50% of those who respond to lead generation are actually ready to buy, how do you sell to the remaining half1? The answer lies in lead nurturing. Up to 79% of initially disqualified leads become qualified within 12 months if nurtured2.

    In no way is lead nurturing campaign- or event-based. Lead nurturing consists of sustained touches and non-transactional value-based communication. On average, a lead nurturing program can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months and will help you convert leads that traditional event or campaign-based would discard.

    The end goal of lead nurturing is to establish rapport and a trust-based relationship with the consumer in order to be top-of-mind for when the prospect is ready to buy.

    Be aware that in order to convert your opportunities to sales, you will have to accurately identify what stages of the buying cycle the leads are in. This will allow you to get the right content to them at the right time and to smoothly guide them down the sales funnel.

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    Photo by jin.thai (Flickr user)