• Lead Generation: Incorporating What if?

    In some organizations it seems as though sales teams have by default, adopted an “us versus them” mentality when it comes to selling to lead generation prospects. Meaning the sales pitch is not very collaborative and the sales thought process is more “I must get the prospect to see why I’m right”.  In these types of situations, very persuasive sales professionals may be able to close the sale with this technique, but we’re willing to bet money that the same prospect is not a returning customer. Why? Because successful lead generation needs to take a more collaborative approach.

    Incorporating a more collaborative approach in lead generation is actually very easy. All it involves are two simple words: what if.

    • What if your business was able to increase profits by 10%? How would that help you?
    • What if you were able to hire the additional head count?  What would you find?
    • What if you could decrease your expenses? What would that mean to you?


    Sales professionals must start asking open ended what if questions that forces the prospects to think. When done correctly, it allows prospects the opportunity to share information which then can be used to close a sale. It also provides sales professionals a peek inside the prospects’ priorities. What if-ing also builds rapport between the sales professional and the prospect because it is a way of working together to find the best solution.

    What if questions can also be used in other ways, not just with prospects. Try incorporating it internally as well to get the creative juices flowing in your organization. In your next meeting, ask an unexpected what if question and see what happens. You may find yourself with an incredibly productive meeting.

    What if your business incorporated a new way of asking questions to prospects in lead generation? What could that mean to your business? What if you gave it a try?