• Lead Generation: Developing Content that Converts [Presentation Summary]

    At MarketingSherpa’s B2B Summit, Thom Schoenborn of WebTrends shared tips on creating effective content that converts. Here are the top ten tips he shared during the event:
    #10- Build Credibility: create a brand worth listening to by providing info of value and interest

    #9- Find The Right People to Support Content Development: uncover 10-15 people in the company who would be your editorial network – they are people throughout the company who are in charge of talking to others, and gathering info of value. Consider execs, sales professionals, customer service agents and even the receptionist- they talk to everyone and will keep you in touch with everything that is going on in the company. These insights will be valuable as you gather ideas for content.

    #8- Exert Pressure: Get those people involved in content development and be creative about it. People are often intimidated about being asked to write a blog post so instead you can ask someone a simple question via email and get them to answer you- this is much easier than asking them to write a blog post for you. Just have them send an email to you with the answer and post it as a blog post.

    #7 Lower the Bar: Rather than focusing on getting the most perfect content live, instead focus on getting content from many sources and be creative about it. Leverage emails for a Q&A style communication, take IM transcripts and use those, create an audio podcast based on a short hallway conversation that is recorded, cover an industry event, invite a guest blogger to post on our site are just some examples you can implement.

    #6 Gear Up with Simple Tools
    Put tools in place that are simple to use and accomplish your goals [such as a content management system on your website so it is easy to add/update content].

    #5 Junk Stuff
    Go through your site regularly, audit content and remove it when it is bad or outdated.

    #4 Measure Effectiveness
    Analyze everything and look at ways to improve it.

    #3 Avoid Committees
    Avoid sending content ideas or copy out to a large audience internally for feedback, you will likely get someone who will say “maybe we should discuss it further” and then it will die on the vine.

    #2 Keep Fighting
    Lots of things will come up to distract you from developing content- commit to staying focused and on it every week.

    #1 You Don’t Get A Second Chance
    Make sure you handle content and the communications about it well and do it right the first time, your brand perception is important and it is critical to make sure you are keeping it exciting and real.