• Lead Generation: Art or Science?

    Is lead generation an art or a science?  That’s a bit of a misleading question, since it’s a little bit of both, but it’s worth pondering.  After all, lead generation is highly (and increasingly) dependent on statistics.  A/B tests, studies, surveys, and comprehensive market research all go into it, and with good reason, since the results of these findings can provide crucially important indicators regarding how to approach your own lead generation efforts.

    And yet, all the meticulously gathered, impeccably accurate information in the world won’t do a bit of good if it isn’t employed with an expert touch.  That’s because lead generation, just like sales, requires excellent interpersonal communication skills, combined with a deep understanding of how people work.  After all, even though you’re dealing with companies, often large ones, in a B2B lead gen environment, that organization is still comprised of people, groups of decision-makers that still respond positively to high-quality methods of communication (and negatively to low-quality ones).

    So, to restate the answer to the question posed at the beginning of the blog, lead generation is obviously a mixture of both an art and a science.  A lead generation team needs to understand that this is the case, and not rely on solely charts or charms to get the job done.

    At The Lead Dogs, our comprehensive approach to our field can provide you with an excellent, effective suite of lead generation services.  We focus on every part of the lead generation process, from identifying and profiling potential leads in your target market, to expert inquiry management, to securing timely meetings with prospective buyers with our customer relationship development process.  We do all of this and more to keep your leads pipeline full, freeing your sales team up so they can focus on the most important revenue-generating aspect of their jobs: closing sales.  Contact us today to learn more.