• Lead Generation and Telemarketing: Recruiting and Retaining Qualified Individuals

    What does it mean to find qualified people to contribute to your lead generation campaign? Two words – Retention and Results.

    Hiring the right individuals from the start can save your organization both time and money. Recruiting and retaining the right lead generation professionals can make a huge impact on the success of any telemarketing campaign. It is equally important to find sales managers who can effectively handle the client relationship and manage the overall lead generation efforts.

    Lead generation programs rely on quality sales reps to drive success. Clients and organizations alike put a great deal of effort into training on each campaign, and it can be discouraging to see high turnover. When employees leave, this can hurt the overall lead generation efforts, even putting the program to a halt. Finding the right individuals from the beginning and setting clear expectations of the position, can help organizations retain quality individuals.

    According to our recruiting experts, here are the top qualities to look for when hiring qualified lead generation individuals.

    Lead Generation Professionals

    1)      People skills

    2)      Ability to overcome buyer objections

    3)      Closing principles and techniques

    Sales Managers

    1)      Customer relationship and retention skills

    2)      Leadership, motivation and coaching expertise

    3)      Training skills