• What Your Lead Generation Agency Doesn’t Tell You Hurts Your Business

    Making the decision to outsource your sales or marketing to an outside agency is a daunting one. Not only are you entrusting part of all of a revenue-generating function to another business (of which you’re only one of their many clients), but you’re also putting your company’s name and reputation in another company’s hands.


    Those aren’t reasons enough to discount outsourcing lead generation or other marketing functions altogether. Your business still needs the expertise and insight of Sales Scientists™ who help your business thrive and grow your sales pipeline.

    How do you select an outsourced lead generation agency that’s both reputable and proficient at bringing in B2B sales leads? Every sales or marketing agency will play up their strengths, but what aspects of their business methodology do they leave out?

    What a marketing or sales agency doesn’t tell you might be hurting your business, so here are the top five factors that shouldn’t be absent from their promotions:

    #1. They Don’t Tell You How Exactly They Generate Sales Leads

    An inept lead generation agency doesn’t tell you their methodology for generating sales leads. This nondisclosure hurts your business because without knowing the basics of their strategy, you can’t trust that you’ll receive qualified sales leads.

    Before you sign on the dotted line of that marketing agreement, ask your potential agency a few questions:

    • What marketing efforts or approaches are you planning to use?
    • What does the sales follow-up process look like?
    • Will the sales team qualify sales leads properly to get the best results?

    #2. They Don’t Tell You The Timeline For Your SEO

    The timeline for any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort probably takes longer than you think. Despite what any search engine marketing agency tells you, you cannot make it onto the first page of Google overnight. If any outsourced lead generation or sales agency promises you a sure-and-swift climb up the search engine rankings, then buyer beware.

    Here are just a few factors that play into your company’s search engine rankings and that any potential lead generation agency should be completely honest about:

    • A website free of known SEO errors
    • A reliable hosting environment
    • An SEO-friendly website architecture and URL structure
    • Long-term domain age and website authority
    • Targeted keywords
    • Off-page optimization
    • High-quality content marketing

    #3. They Don’t Tell You Their Experience In Your Industry

    If you’re going to outsource your sales or marketing functions to another agency, they should demonstrate their prior or current experience in an industry just like yours so that they fully understand the market and conditions you face daily. When you outsource to non-experts, you risk receiving incorrect advice or guidance throughout the sales funnel, which might mean you’re missing out on potential leads.

    A trustworthy lead generation agency proves their expertise with client case studies, industry thought leadership content and an up-to-date blog that addresses your industry’s biggest pains and issues.

    #4. They Don’t Tell You Their Strengths Versus What You Paid For

    A marketing agency might be willing to sell you services for sales, lead generation and marketing automation – but if they only specialize in one of those activities, are you really getting the best value for your budget? Before you hire a marketing or sales agency, ask them what strengths they specialize in. Do they specialize in sales, lead generation, marketing or sales follow-up?

    The best approach is to hire a firm only in their area of expertise, especially if they specialize in one or two particular industry verticals. This deep level of specialization across both activity and vertical gives your company a representative who best understands the problems, pains, terminology and vertical messaging of your target customers.

    #5. They Don’t Tell You How They Hire Copywriters

    Especially for agencies that offer content marketing solutions, it’s important that you understand their hiring process for copywriters. Many marketing agencies only tap freelancers to create their content without screening them according to industry expertise or past writing experience. Other agencies might only hire writers directly out of college with little or no business understanding.

    If your potential sales or marketing agency doesn’t tell you how they screen and hire copywriters, you should look elsewhere for your content marketing needs.

    As you see, watching for what a prospective marketing or lead generation agency doesn’t tell you is just as important as what they do tell you. By reading between the lines in these five areas, you keep your business from harm while picking the right partner with confidence.

    Want to know what to look for in a reliable, outsourced lead generation agency? Contact Invenio Solutions® and discover how Inveniology™ – or the Science of Sales™ – gives your sales team the insight it needs to drive more revenue for your business.