• Lead Generation: 3 Tips for Effective Messaging

    In a world where everyone seems to be competing for attention, buyers are constantly influenced to make purchases whether online through web banners and pop-ups or traditional mediums like lead generation.  Challenges that businesses face include gaining the attention of prospects and then keeping their attention to earn a more in-depth conversation. As a result, businesses need effective messaging to support turning prospects into customers. Below are best practices we’ve found for effective messaging in lead generation.

    Concise – Lead generation is most effective when the messaging is clear and concise.  Prospects decide very quickly whether or not they are willing to listen to what a business has to offer. Therefore organizations in B2B lead generation must quickly highlight the problem they solve and present the solutions they provide in order to progress in the conversation.

    Impactful – In lead generation, prospects need to understand what makes a business solution better than the rest. Is the solution faster, less expensive or more robust than other offerings in the marketplace? Whatever it is, it must resonate with the prospect in order to gain their interest and make them want to hear more.

    Revisit – Prospect needs change all the time and lead generation techniques are ever evolving. Because of this, businesses must revisit the messaging from time and time to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.

    Tell us what has worked in your B2B lead generation. What messaging do you find resonates best with your targeted market? What best practices do you have to share?