• Lead Gen in 2010: Webcast to Learn What Is Working Best Right Now

    As the economy recovers and the new year begins, business spending is starting to increase. However, as a result of the recent downturn, business buyers are cautious. So to generate more business your lead generation strategies must clearly communicate value, differentiate your products and services from the competition, and resonate personally with prospective customers.

    Attend the webcast Lead Gen in 2010: Learn What Is Working Best Right Now, Jan 27, 2010 at 2pm EDT and learn how to maximize your lead gen ROI in 2010.

    Who should attend? Marketing and sales professionals from enterprise companies

    This webcast will highlight:
    * The latest trends in lead generation, and how you can leverage them
    * What lead generation strategies and tactics are working best, and which no longer work for enterprise companies like yours
    * The pros and cons of various marketing media, and which will help you get better lead generation results

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