• Lead Development With Information Gained from Social Media

    Many companies view social media platforms as good B2B communication tools since social profiles can build brand awareness and drive prospects to websites to complete sales. Beyond this is another benefit that can greatly assist with the lead development process – the ability to access the massive amount of data these social sites collect from users and gain useful insights to better understand prospective buyers.


    Facebook – Use Facebook’s ad feature to research prospects. You can use basic demographic information (like age, gender and location) or refine your search further by specifying interests, education level, workplace and the like.


    Google+ – You can search Google+ users by location, field and more. G+ offers profiles to individuals and business so this is a good place to conduct research for both B2B and B2C.


    Twitter – Twitter is full of up-to-the-minute updates and requests for services. Search Twitter for mentions of the products or services that you offer. Getting too many irrelevant results? Narrow your search with phrases like “looking for _____” or “need a _____.”


    LinkedIn – Since LinkedIn is by its very nature a space for business professionals, this site can be the most useful for B2B lead development. You can search using basic demographic information or get more in depth. Further narrow your search to target professionals in a relevant field who work at a certain company or who hold an important position.


    How can you use the information you find on social media for lead development? Lead development is about providing prospects with content that is relevant and timely. Keep in mind that people are your ultimate customers, even in B2B. Find out who makes purchasing decisions at prospective businesses and learn more about them on social media. Look at the prospects’ profiles and updates for clues on how to best appeal to them. Learn who these people are, what they are interested in and why they choose to buy the things they do. Don’t put all of your focus on lead development at the expense of your current customers though. Keeping an eye on them can alert you to any shift in their opinions or needs and help you retain their business.


    How do you use social media for lead development?