• Key Attributes of a Successful Sales Development Rep

    Your sales development reps are an integral part of your company’s success. Like the sales team members who close sales, the sales development rep works on the front lines of business, but in a much more uncertain environment. It’s their job to take on the responsibilities of outbound marketing, finding and securing new leads out of all potential customers that exist. To do their jobs well in the often difficult world of lead development, sales development reps need to possess attributes that prepare them for success.

    • Tenacity: Successful sales development reps do not give up. They know their lead development goals and do not stop, or even slow down, until those goals are met. They continue to pursue targeted leads and likely prospects while persistently uncovering new sources and potential sales partners.
    • Resilience: A close relative to tenacity, resilience describes the ability to keep going in the face of rejection, after being ignored, or when affected by personal or professional setbacks. Resilience demonstrates an inner strength that can’t be diminished by the more difficult elements of the outbound prospecting and lead development process. When leads respond with indifference, rudeness, even anger, the resilient sales development rep will keep going, knowing that the next lead, or the one after that, will be agreeable.
    • Creative thinking ability: Sales development reps must be able to think creatively while also being able to apply that creative thinking to the situations and challenges they face. They have to be able to adapt on the spot to developments in the lead generation process. In the longer term, they must be able to recognize and apply new techniques and change to accommodate new developments in the industry.
    • Articulateness: As representatives of your company, sales development reps need to be articulate, well spoken, and diplomatic. They should be able to explain your company’s business clearly, make convincing arguments for purchasing your products or services, and make new leads feel good about their choice to buy from your company.
    • Integrity: Sales development reps must have integrity in the way they conduct business, work with leads, and interact with all levels of management and staff in your company. The lead development process presents many opportunities to mislead potential leads, or even to outright lie to them, to get business. Sales development reps also face areas where they can be deceptive or dishonest to their company. A rep with integrity will recognize these situations for what they are and will never give in to them, even if they might be beneficial.
    • Coachability: Ongoing learning and continuous training are vital to business success, and a successful sales development rep must be willing to put in the time and effort to stay informed of the latest news and developments. A rep should be coachable–willing to learn from more experienced persons, eager to expand knowledge of your company and your industry, and humble enough to accept suggestions when offered. This must also apply even to reps who have been in the business for years.
    • Competitiveness: A sense of healthy competitiveness can set a sales development rep apart from other reps on staff. Competitiveness provides a sense of motivation for reps to continually improve their performance, surpassing their old accomplishments and besting the performance of their peers.

    The sales development rep is an essential part of your company’s continued growth–and, in truth, even of its ability to function. Contact us at Invenio for more information on the role the sales development rep should play in your business and for professional sales and lead development services that will give you the competitive advantage you need.