Revenue Acceleration Formula

The Sales Cycle Approach That Starts Filling Your Sales Funnel Today

To keep your business growing, you need many prospects engaged at all stages of the sales cycle. To accomplish this, you must generate new leads frequently to position yourself to be closing deals continuously.

Because Invenio Solutions® understands this need, we created the Revenue Acceleration Formula designed to get your program off the ground fast while quickly filling your sales funnel with qualified leads and sales. The sales cycle is constantly moving with:

  • An accelerated kickoff meeting – Start the process of training your dedicated Inveniologists™ by getting them quickly up to speed on your business, offerings, industry and target market.
  • Building the best team possible – Your outsourced sales team of Inveniologists is created through a robust recruiting and sales training program in just 30 to 45 days.
  • Your unique sales pipeline microscope – A team of Invenio Sales Scientists™ get to know your business at the molecular level. As Inveniologists diligently uncover information about every aspect of your business, they develop educated lead generation ideas that speak to your prospects at each stage of the sales cycle.
  • Performance monitoring for maximum results – From the very beginning, a team of Sales Development Coaches monitor the performance of each Sales Scientist dedicated to your program. Sales Development Coaches help out in every way required to make sales teams succeed.

Since Invenio uses a scientific process, we ramp up exponentially faster than adding a new sales force internally. All Inveniologists graduate from the Academy of Sales Science and access further training via Invenio U, making them experts in the science of lead generation, appointment setting and closing deals.

Eliminate the burden of administrative costs and expedite the process of generating qualified leads and closing the sales cycle with our Revenue Acceleration Formula today.

Accelerate Your Revenue Stream