Invenio Solutions®

Your Partner in B2B Lead Generation And Outsourced Sales

Without a steady inflow of qualified leads, appointments and the strong ability to close deals, your business will struggle.

Invenio Solutions is a full-service B2B outsourced sales and lead generation company that focuses on generating high-quality leads, setting qualified appointments and consistently closing deals for your business.

We offer comprehensive services that deliver a measurable return on your investment, including:

Invenio delivers results that drive your revenue, including:

  • Scalable inside sales outsourcing, backed by a proven track record of success.
  • Delivery of over $1 billion+ annual client pipeline and revenue.
  • Regular sales analytics reporting to all decision makers.
  • Relationship-based selling, better communication and stronger B2B performance.

At the core of Invenio’s success is the unique and scientific approach to sales called Inveniology™. It’s the study and implementation of data-driven sales that delivers bottom-line results by combining the sophistication of a Fortune 100 company and the creativity and energy of a startup.

Through this process, we bridge the gap between sales and marketing to connect you directly with prospects who want to learn more about your products and services.

  • The Inveniologists: Your Sales Scientists
    Invenio Sales Scientists are more than just experts at generating leads and closing deals. They also analyze your sales approach and determine which strategy is most appropriate to generate leads and close deals for your business.
  • Invenio University (Invenio U)
    Invenio’s™ cutting-edge sales training produces teams with the skills and expertise for your specific programs. Training begins with the Academy of Sales Science. The unique training educates and develops reps from mere trainees to full-fledged Inveniologists – who easily step into your business and make your sales goals a reality. Once Sales Scientists graduate from the Academy, they have access to Invenio U, our proprietary, internal online learning management system that hosts a robust curriculum, ensuring our sales scientists stay trained throughout their career.
  • The Microscope
    Put your business under the Microscope for visibility and consultative insights into your sales process and lead management practices with robust sales metrics and analysis.
  • Revenue Acceleration Formula
    Start filling your sales funnel today with the Revenue Acceleration Formula, which generates qualified leads through a program built entirely from scratch – most of them in less than 45 days.