• Inveniology: Increase Sales Results With Simple Methods

    3 Ways To Measure The Success Of Your Sales PipelineAt Invenio Solutions, we polish the art of marketing with the Science of Sales, or what we call Inveniology. Using proven, fact-based techniques, we increase sales for our clients. It has taken us many years of research and constant experimenting and improvement to develop the science behind the winning sales techniques we now use, and it is based on the in-depth experience of our team. Here are some insights about how you can improve your marketing outreach and improve sales with some simple methods:

    Test Multiple Lead Generation Strategies

    Companies often have trouble when it comes to selecting the right lead generation and sales strategy. Usually, companies come up with multiple strategies and then settle on the one they think is the best. Without the proper insights, trial and error, chances are high that the wrong strategy may be picked. Adopting the wrong strategy has a negative effect on your sales figures and puts undue pressure on your sales team. A much better way to go about selecting a sales strategy is to test multiple strategies to figure, track several standard outcomes for each strategy, then compare to see which one gives the best return on investment. You don’t even necessarily have to fully implement the strategies; simply make sure you have the right people vetting everything.

    Train Your Sales Staff in the Latest Sales Techniques

    It is possible that your sales team may be behind the curve in their sales skills and training.  The sales industry is constantly changing, growing and innovating! This means your sales team should understand that training is part of the ride, not a destination.  Continuing education in sales training is essential for your sales team to be on their A-Game.  If you think that your sales team can do better, hire a company to retrain them, then hold monthly refresher trainings. Training the staff again has multiple positive effects on your team. Their motivation increases because they see that you are investing in them. Their results also increase because they learn about the modern approach to selling. You are also placed at a competitive advantage; one day all companies will be using these techniques but you can beat them to the punch by being a pioneer.

    Outsource Sales or Lead Generation

    The simplest way to increase your sales is to outsource either all of your sales work, or simply the lead generation part. Companies are often warry of doing this because they don’t know if the expenses will be worth it. Short answer: Yes, they are worth it. Outsourcing lead generation is the best way to increase your sales. Since your sales will be increasing due to the incremental qualified leads your sales team will be generating, you don’t have to worry about the expenses either – your company will be making so much more money that a small increase in expenses will seem like a very small price to pay.

    There are infinite options for how to approach improving your sales figures and overall company results. You can employ sales funnels or use marketing automation to ensure there is a steady stream of new leads for your sales team. It all depends on working with the right partner for lead management, nurturing, and generation. As long as you pick the right partner, your sales goals will be met and your company will grow.

    If the idea of using these tactics still daunts you, you don’t know where to start, or you’re looking for advice from an expert, reach out to us here at Invenio Solutions—we can augment your sales, or create a completely outsourced solution custom-fit for your company.