Invenio Digital brings a turnkey, integrated, outsourced sales & marketing solution to the B2B SMB market.

    Austin, TX – February 13, 2017 – Invenio Solutions™, based in Austin, TX, announces the launch of their latest sales and marketing product, Invenio Digital.  Invenio Digital is an industry-proven, iInvenio Digital Announcementntegrated sales and marketing offering that enables small and medium sized business-to-business companies with sales and marketing services—without the headache and risk of developing and managing it in-house.

    “Invenio has worked with all size companies to generate demand and revenue over twenty years, and generated over $1B in revenue for our clients in 2016 alone.  Over that time period, we realized that small to medium-sized businesses often have the same sales and marketing needs as larger companies, but lack the resources and budget to successfully execute internally, which is why we developed Invenio Digital,” stated Invenio Solutions™ says President, Wasif Khan, adding “On average, companies who outsource these services save 51% over those who don’t, and time to market is significantly shorter.”

    Invenio Solutions™ has perfected the science of sales™, and brings its deep understanding of developing profitable sales programs to the Invenio Digital product.

    Michelle McDonald, EVP of Sales, shared “With Invenio Digital, clients receive a customized digital marketing solution—from strategy to execution—that meets their prospects earlier in the sales funnel, then automates and tracks those communications to the point of warm lead hand-off to a highly trained Invenio Sales Scientist™.”

    Invenio Digital is powered by certification with some of the world’s leading marketing automation technologies and utilizes a proven technology bundle that can be implemented with any business to drive new leads.

    “We have a framework, process and tracking that connects the dots for implementing and managing this marketing automation technology.  We pair that in-house experts to make up an agile sales and marketing engine for small to medium-sized business clients in a variety of industries.” Commented CEO John Grady.

    When companies engage with Invenio Digital, they receive:

    • A fully managed marketing-automation framework to nurture leads round the clock
    • Creative content production supporting sales and marketing each quarter
    • Landing pages and lead capture forms that convert traffic to revenue opportunities
    • Interactive website chat functionalities managed by real people, trained in customer care & sales
    • Highly trained inside sales representatives interacting with and qualifying leads until they are ready to purchase
    • Routine, clear reporting on program progress and ROI

    Invenio Digital joins a variety of other serviced-based offerings from Invenio Solutions™, all of which are aimed at offering scientifically developed, carefully tracked full-service outsourced sales solutions, from generating qualified leads, to developing a more robust sales funnel, to gaining more visibility into client sales cycles and more.

    For more information about Invenio Digital or to request your company’s free introductory digital marketing assessment, visit us at www.inveniomarketing.com/invenio-digital.