• Integrated Marketing for Your Association – Five Key Components

    Successful marketing starts with a solid plan. An integrated marketing plan outlines the marketing activities that will deliver the greatest impact on your target audience and produce the maximum return on the marketing investment. An integrated plan blends research, marketing and communication strategies together to ensure that every aspect of marketing your association is executed in a cohesive fashion.

    Here are five key components to defining and driving a successful and integrated marketing plan.

    #1 Define Your Destination. You must first identify where you want to go before you can strategize on how to get there. Some examples of where to focus are think about ways that your marketing efforts can aid association membership growth or retention.

    #2 Analyze the Map. A successful marketing plan is based on knowing how to reach and communicate with your prospective members, based on their profile. Brainstorm new and innovative ways to reach your destination [like leveraging social media as an example].

    #3 Chart the Course. When building your plan, you will need to identify and select the methods used for getting the word out about your associations offerings. Examples include:
    • Advertising [print or online]
    • Public Relations
    • Online marketing [email and via search engines]
    • Direct mail
    • Social Media
    • Events

    The key to building an integrated plan is finding the right mix of marketing activities to most efficiently reach your target and deliver your message.

    #4 Drive Your Message. Each marketing campaign should be highly distinguishable and should be implemented similarly across multiple mediums. It is key that your campaign resonates with your target profile, and there is no better way to aid this than to have a consistent message and brand.

    #5 Track Your Mileage. Once executed, continually tracking and measuring the success of campaigns within an integrated marketing plan is a critical step that will help to plan future programs with more accuracy. The more quantifiable the objectives are in the beginning, the more tangible the results.

    Generating an integrated marketing plan is a key driver for successful marketing. To ensure that you get the most return on your marketing dollars, you must be prepared to do your homework first. With careful planning and evaluation, companies can maximize the effectiveness of their marketing programs.

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