• Inside Sales: Top Qualities found in a professional

    It seems that all businesses, not just those in the lead generation sector, are looking for ways to attract and retain high quality inside sales professionals. What are the characteristics an inside sales professional should possess?  Here are our thoughts.

    • Passion– Inside sales professionals have to be passionate about the product or service they are selling. If they aren’t, they won’t be able to convince the customer or prospect to be passionate about the offering either.
    • Relevant experience – Inside sales pros must have the proper sales training and general sales know-how.  The pros know the sales cycle and understand how to implement a successful lead generation, lead nurturing, or other selling strategy.
    • Client Intelligence – True inside sales experts understand the client needs and expectations. They are also familiar with how a closed sale helps drive profitability.
    • Communication skills – We’re not just talking about written and spoken communication skills here folks. Great communicators have fantastic active listening skills as well, which increases productivity and strengthens business relationships.
    • Commitment and Drive – Inside sales professionals show the initiative and have the yearning to go the distance.  Ensuring they know everything about a customer or prospect prior to making the sale – they can anticipate what objections they will receive and understand how to overcome them. They are committed to doing what it takes to get the sale.