• Inside Sales Outsourcing: Hiring a lead generation firm

    Your business is growing and you have expanded your footprint, providing an opportunity to promote a new product or business offering. Perhaps you are looking to drive foot traffic to your upcoming trade show or webinar or simply hoping to be able to generate more leads to your existing sales team.

    Whichever of these describes your business situation; if you are looking to outsource, it is crucial to find a partner who can offer services to support your initiatives. When looking for an outsourced lead generation solution, be sure to keep these questions in mind.

    What Sets Them Apart? When choosing a lead generation firm, look for an organization that has decades of experience making them the expert in the field. With this expertise, chances are the firm has seen it all and is knowledgeable on how to overcome any challenges, should they arise. Firms with multiple years of experience typically have a seasoned sales team that utilizes proven sales methodologies when calling on prospects.

    Can They Drive Results? It is one thing for an outsourced lead generation provider to promise they can increase opportunities, but quite another if they prove it. What have they done for other clients? Does the outsourced lead generation provider have case studies outlining what they have done for current and past customers? Do client testimonials exist that talk to their experience in the field?

    Hiring an outsourced lead generation firm can be challenging; however understanding what sets one lead generation firm apart from their competitors and determining if they can drive the results for your business can contribute to a successful marketing campaign.

    What do you look for if you are considering outsourcing your inside sales efforts to a lead generation organization?